THE BRONX - An arrest warrant was issued Wednesday for a landlord who has 30 outstanding violations over his building at 1514 E. 172nd St.

Joel Loutan’s previous violations include a four-family unit that has a bad roof, water damaged walls and rotten wooden beams.

A tenant told News 12 that a water leak caused her ceiling to partially collapse, and that debris landed on her head. The tenant, a senior citizen, has lived in the building since Loutan took over the property as the owner and landlord. She claims she has not seen him since last summer.

The tenant also alleges that Loutan has never had her walls painted. She also says he has not repaired water damage and mice holes. The tenant claims her neighbor has two young boys who have been exposed to the mice droppings.

Loutan owes the Department of Housing Preservation more than $92,000 in penalties. After failing to appear in court on several occasions, a Bronx housing court judge is ordering him to pay and stay behind bars until he corrects the violations in his building.