THE BRONX - One Bronx resident is helping non-violent inmates and parolees create their own jobs in an artistic fashion.

Carolyn Stanford uses her Parkchester home as her own personal art gallery. It's filled with colorful and expressive designs from people who she says are often forgotten.

Stanford created her company, Inside-Out Art, after visiting her son who was incarcerated and met talented visual artists. The vision of the company is to give non-violent offenders an outlet to express themselves and establish a means for them to make living once they are released.

The artwork produced by the inmates is sold by Stanford, who sends the profits back to the inmates so they can continue the process by purchasing supplies to make more art.

The gist of Inside-Out Art is not only to make and sell stimulating pieces, but to nurture the inmates' skills so their transition into outside life could enable to make a living off of their work.