THE BRONX - One woman is dead and two men are wounded after a triple shooting in the Bronx.

Officials say the shooting occurred around 2:20 a.m. Friday on Hoe Avenue. Police say a man shot and killed his girlfriend, 23-year-old Jessica Gonzelez, moments after she broke up with him.

Police have identified the suspect as Muammer Aldailam, a worker at the Hoe Avenue Deli. They say Gonzalez and a friend drove to the deli, and after the friend went inside and retrieved Aldailam, he got into the car with Gonzalez and shot her in the head.

According to authorities, Gonzalez was found dead in the passenger seat of her car.

Police say the gunman left the car and fired at Gonzalez?s new boyfriend and another passenger, who were sitting in a car across the street. After wounding the two men, police say the gunman fled the scene.

Investigators say Gonzalez?s new boyfriend is in critical condition after being shot in the head and leg. Police say the third victim was shot in his arm and will survive. Both men are recovering at Lincoln Hospital.

Neighbors say Aldailam had a decent reputation on the block, and they believe it was his jealousy over Gonzalez spending time with new people that caused him to snap. They say over the years, crime has been getting much better in their area and that Friday?s triple shooting disappoints them.

Family and friends who visited Gonzalez?s new boyfriend in the hospital say he is now brain dead and in a coma.

AP wire reports contributed to this story.