THE BRONX - A family of 11 is safe, along with their four dogs, after escaping flames inside their Fordham apartment overnight. 

The Lucero family, which ranges in age from 43 to just 1 year old, fled their home on East Fordham Road quickly. Many didn't even take shoes. 

One of the youngest sons, 11-year-old Marco Lucero, ran downstairs to a deli where he called 911 as his six siblings, parents and uncles escaped. The family is calling the young man a hero for acting fast in a frightening situation. 

The fire started on the second floor of the building and spread to the Lucero's apartment, which takes up the entire third floor and sits above Pete's Cafe. Officials are reporting one minor injury from a person who lives on the second floor. 

The family says they do have working smoke detectors, which tipped them off to the fire and allowed them time to get outside. Their apartment suffered some damage, but they hope to return home soon.