THE BRONX - An 11-year-old Bronx boy is making his culinary debut on the new Food Network show "Star Kids" as he competes against other kids.

Sammy Voit earned a spot on the show and plans to show off his cooking skills, which he says came from his grandma.

"I learned how to cook when I was five from my grandma and we would both wake up early and have nothing to do," says Voit. "It would be breakfast time and we would have nothing to do and we would make it together."

Some of Voit's dishes include French toast and homemade wontons. He even has his own YouTube cooking show called "Poyfect Kitchen." Voit says the name was inspired by the way it sounds when people from the Bronx say the word perfect.

Viewers can catch Voit and his "poyfect" delights on "Star Kids" beginning Aug. 22.