THE BRONX - Tenants at 1226 Tinton Ave., where police arrested a man Wednesday for allegedly stockpiling drugs and abusing pit bulls, are now calling for an investigation into what they describe as horrid living conditions in the building.

Richard Wilson, who says he's lived at the address for six years, complained of peeling paint, a vermin infestation and the absence of a refrigerator.

He allowed News 12 cameras inside, where they found damaged ceilings and learned that six people each rent bedrooms on the first floor and share a single bathroom.

The city Department of Housing Preservation and Development says it has no complaints on file for the building, but Wilson says he once took landlord Jose La Porte to court over issues that remain unrepaired.

News 12 reached out to La Porte throughout the day and finally touched base in the evening.

"I just wish everyone would move out so I could shut the house down," he said. "I can't afford it anymore."