THE BRONX - Drug agents in the Bronx have arrested four men and seized $16 million worth of cocaine hidden in a tractor-trailer truck.

Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan says the 400 pounds of cocaine was hidden in a hollow steel band around the cargo floor of the 16-wheeler.

Brennan says the packages were heavily wrapped in duct tape - an apparent attempt to avoid detection by drug-sniffing dogs. Agents spent 10 hours searching the truck before an X-ray device disclosed the hiding place.

Brennan says the truck has California license plates and may have been used by international drug smugglers for other cross-country trips. She says it's believed other such trucks are on the road.

The suspects are charged with first-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and second-degree conspiracy. They are expected to be indicted on Friday. If convicted, they face 8-20 years in prison.