THE BRONX - Two Bronx parks will be renovated thanks to a vote by residents.

Parks Without Borders announced eight winners after New Yorkers nominated parks throughout the city that needed renovation.

Of the winning Bronx parks, Van Cortlandt Park received 286 votes and Virginia Park and Playground received 43 votes.

Parks Without Borders will set aside $40 million for the renovations.

One of the main concerns for visitors at Van Cortlandt Park is the entrance at 242nd Street. They say it's unsightly, uninviting and they want it gone.

Local officials are also supporting the project. In a statement, Rep. Andrew Cohen said that "Van Cortlandt Park needs to be more integrated in the community and these renovations will do just that."

However, back in January, some residents told News 12 that the park renovations could invite danger.

NYC Parks will be holding community forums to see what other changes residents would like to see.

The Parks Department says it hopes to have all eight park makeovers completed by 2020.