THE BRONX - Two students say the Department of Education has left them out in the cold with no way to get to school.

Family members of Shenik Ruiz and Kameen Moses Hunt claim the children have been stuck at home with no way to get to class. Both students claim they were inexplicably dropped from the bus programs that delivered them to their respective schools.

Ruiz, who should now be attending 10th-grade classes, has been using the bus system since the sixth grade. Both the girl and her mother say they have no idea why she has been kicked off of her route. Ruiz has cerebral palsy and says she is unable to afford special transportation to her classes at the New Day Academy.

Hunt's father says he would like for his son to stay in the gifted program at the Helen Keller School for the Gifted and Talented, but he cannot provide transportation due to his job in Harlem.

Department of Education representatives say Hunt is not eligible for bus transportation. According to officials, the only reason he was able to use the bus last year was because he was filling another student's spot.