THE BRONX - Police say two men have been charged in the murder of a Bronx man who was fatally shot early Saturday morning in Highbridge.

Keylin Alvarado, 20, and Tyron White, 19, were arrested for the death of Earl Simmons, 24, who was shot in the head just before 2 a.m. at 977 Anderson Ave.

Police say three men attempted to leave the scene, but were pursued by responding officers.

According to police, the three men drove down Anderson Avenue and turned onto West 162nd Street. They say the car hopped the curb and drove on the sidewalk, knocking out traffic signs, side-swiping cars and bringing down a tree.  

Officials say the car finally stopped after crashing into a police vehicle on Woodycrest Avenue.

They say the three men fled on foot before being caught by police and put in custody.

Two police officers were taken to the hospital for observation.

Police say Alvarado and White were charged with murder. It was not immediately clear if the third person in custody was charged.