THE BRONX - Two families told News 12 they were outraged after their children told them they were inappropriately touched by other students at Bronx Mathematics Preparatory School.

The parents claim that school officials did not do enough after learning about the alleged attacks.

Stacey Sterling, a mother of an 11-year-old student, says her son and another 10-year-old boy were attacked by two eighth-grade students. The other boy’s father, Eddie Mendez,and Sterling say they saw the assault on surveillance video Tuesday morning when they met with the school’s principal.

The parents claim the eighth-graders touched their children’s private areas.

According to both families, the principal was notified on Monday, but did not send the kids home right away. The parents claim their children were asked to write a report about the incident and were sent back to class.

Sterling, who is also the president of the PTA, says she's upset the school never notified her about her son's attack.

Mendez said he did receive a phone call from school officials who told his mother-in-law that another student put his hand on his son's neck.

Both parents say they called police Tuesday morning before meeting with the principal. They say the eighth-graders were questioned by authorities.

The parents say they will not send their children back to Bronx Mathematics Preparatory School and they plan to file lawsuits for improperly notifying them about the incident.