THE BRONX - Prosecutors have dropped two top charges against a Bronx man involved in a fatal dirt bike crash.

Authorities say Adalberto Gonzalez and his friend, Eddie Fernandez, were illegally riding a dirt bike around the Bronx back in August when a police car rear-ended them. Fernandez was killed.

Prosecutors have dismissed resisting arrest and reckless endangerment charges against Gonzalez. In exchange, his case will be decided by a judge instead of a Bronx jury.

Gonzalez's attorney is not particularly happy about the decision. He says his client wanted a jury of his peers to review the evidence in his case.

Gonzalez is still charged with operating a vehicle without a license and reckless driving. He has pleaded not guilty to both charges.

The trial got under way today and is expected to last a couple of days.
A DMV representative and Sgt. Fernando Santos were called to the stand. Santos was one of the two officers involved in the accident, and chased the defendant on foot.

Both the prosecution and defense played surveillance video of the accident, which Gonzalez appeared to have trouble watching.

News 12 The Bronx has learned that Santos has been reassigned from the 41st to the 23rd Precinct since the accident. Cross-examinations of Santos will continue Monday. The officer behind the wheel of the police vehicle that rammed into the dirt bike is also expected to take the stand.

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