THE BRONX - Three people have been arrested in a fraud investigation centered around a campaign for City Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo. 

The campaign workers were arrested for allegedly filing false petitions.

The Bronx district attorney's website announced the arrests on Wednesday. According to reports, Elbin Lopez, Betty Julien and Luis Vargas were hired by Arroyo's campaign to gather signatures on petitions to get her name in the Democratic primary for her 2013 re-election to City Council.

Prosecutors say the three forged nearly 100 signatures, which included the names of New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter, sports announcer Joe Buck and model Kate Moss.

The petitions allegedly also contained phony addresses with some signatures.

Arroyo responded to the allegations made against her campaign workers, saying, "From the very onset, I believed the actions of the individuals involved were unacceptable and that they had violated the law."

They face up to seven years in prison and are expected back in court on May 28.