THE BRONX - Three NYPD officers are recovering after being wounded in two separate shootings Thursday night, including one in The Bronx.

According to authorities, off-duty officer Juan Pichardo was working at his family's car dealership in Williamsbridge when two men faked interest in buying an Altima. They then told Pichardo and another employee to get on the ground, and attempted to rob the place at gunpoint.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg says there was a struggle in which one of the suspects shot Pichardo in the leg. He was then able to disarm him while wounded until help arrived.

The other suspect fled the dealership to a getaway car where two people were waiting. All four suspects have been arrested.

Just one hour later, police say a suspect shot at two plainclothes officers in Brooklyn after they confronted him on a Manhattan-bound "N" train on Fort Hamilton Parkway. One officer was hit three times and the other was struck in the lower back. They were able to return fire, killing the suspect.

Officers Kazicki and Levay left the hospital today and are recovering at home.  Officer Pichardo is currently recovering at Jacobi Medical Center.