NEW YORK - (AP) - A third woman has died a month after ahelicopter crashed into the East River during a sightseeingtour.

The New York medical examiner's office says 60-year-old Englishtourist Harriet Nicholson died early Sunday of "respiratorycomplications of near-drowning," meaning a shortage of oxygen tothe brain.

Nicholson was aboard the helicopter with her husband, daughterand her daughter's partner on Oct. 4 when the pilot lost controlshortly after takeoff.

Nicholson's daughter, 40-year-old Sonia Marra, was found dead inthe wreckage. Marra's partner, 43-year-old Helen Tamaki, died aweek after the crash. Tamaki was a New Zealand citizen.

Nicholson's husband and the pilot survived.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating thecrash and hasn't yet released a final report.