THE BRONX - A four-alarm fire has been extinguished at Hunts Point Terminal Market.

FDNY officials say the fire started just after 11 a.m. and quickly escalated in size. About 170 firefighters were on scene trying to get the flames under control.

A fire chief told News 12 that 12 firefighters were hurt battling the flames. He says 11 have minor injuries while one firefighter has serious injuries. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

The fire chief says the flames spread quickly to the building's second floor because of the amount of flammable items inside the market.

Hunts Point Terminal Market is the largest wholesale produce market in the world. News 12 was told that the warehouse that burned down belonged to Mendez International Tropical. The forty other vendors at the site were able to resume working when the smoke had cleared. Delivery drivers say they were delayed up to four hours.

Another fire erupted in the same location on Nov. 11. There is no indication that the two fires are connected.