THE BRONX - Gun violence is plaguing the 47th Precinct, which has seen more shootings in the past week than in all of last year.

According to NYPD crime statistics, shootings in general are up by at least 80 percent over 2013. Data shows that the area saw one murder in all of 2013 compared to eight murders so far in 2014, with four of them happening within the past few days.

District Councilman Andy King says he has met with police about the crime spike and they've agreed to increase patrols. King also says he's putting more funding into programs for young people to hopefully steer them away from violence.

Authorities add that even though the precinct's stats are moving in the wrong direction, the rates of both shootings and homicides are going down overall in the borough.

The 47th Precinct is made up of several neighborhoods, including Olinville, Wakefield, Woodlawn and Baychester.