THE BRONX - All five suspects arrested in Monday's fatal shooting of an NYPD officer have been charged with murder, according to authorities.

The men, including suspected gunman Lamont Pride, were taken in separate vehicles from East New York yesterday to Brooklyn Criminal Court, which was packed with Peter Figoski's family and hundreds of fellow officers.

During the arraignment, Lamont was charged with first-degree murder. The other four men, 30-year-old Kevin Santos, 27-year-old Nelson Morales, 22-year-old Ariel Tejada, and 21-year-old Michael Velez were all arraigned on second-degree murder charges.

The men have been ordered held without bail. Pride is behind bars at Rikers Island where he's expected to stay until the next hearing on Dec. 16.

Figoski, a 47-year-old father of four from West Babylon, was responding to reports of an armed robbery at 25 Pine St. when he was shot in the face, according to investigators. He was rushed to Jamaica Hospital and was pronounced dead several hours later.

To see extended video of Lamont Pride's arraignment, and to watch NYPD officials hold a news conference on the shooting death of officer Figoski, go to channel 612 on your iO digital cable box and select iO Extra.