THE BRONX - A group of NYCHA tenants says a leak in the building has been steadily worsening for a long time.

They want to know when it will be fixed.

NYCHA says the leak is coming from a broken bathtub in apartment 5D at 840 Astor Ave., and it's leaking downward.

In apartment 4D, directly below the leak, residents say they've seen mold growing.

"When they're showering up there, it sounds like it's raining outside -- but it’s in here," one resident explains.

The leak has spread through walls, leaving them cracked and causing pipes to rust.

The scene is similar in apartment 2D. And on the first floor, Jose Muniz says the leak began affecting his apartment back in November.

He says he's filed 82 complaints with NYCHA since then.

NYCHA says it is working to make repairs as soon as possible.

News 12 also visited apartment 5D, but no one answered the door.