THE BRONX - Voters in the 17th City Council District in the Bronx will vote next week for candidates looking to secure a seat for the district’s constituent services. 

The seat was originally filled by City Council woman Maria del Carmen Arroyo, who served for 11 years.

Arroyo resigned in November due to "pressing family needs."

The six candidates running for the position are George Alvarez, a businessman and founder of a technology business, Marlon Molina, a community activist and community board member, Joann Otero, the only woman on the ballot and a grassroots leader in the community who served as chief of staff for former council member Arroyo, Julio Pabon, a community activist and businessman, J. Loren Russell, a businessman and community activist, and Rafael Salamanca Jr., a community activist.

Voters will have the opportunity to cast their ballot on Tuesday.