MOTT HAVEN - A 6-year-old girl fell into a manhole while playing in the snow at a NYCHA complex in the Bronx. 

It happened at the Saint Mary Houses in Mott Haven during the snowstorm on Saturday.

Sharon Burrell says she was walking with her 6-year-old daughter Kalima when she says the girl suddenly disappeared into the snow.

She says her daughter called out for help after falling into a freezing wet ditch and down an open manhole concealed in the snow. 

Two men who were nearby at the time helped rescue the girl.

Andres Machuca, one of the rescuers, says the other man held his legs as he hung upside down to fish the girl out of the 8-foot sewer.

Neighbors say NYCHA workers have come to the site to fill the hole before, but it has been there for nearly a year.