THE BRONX - Seven new bills were introduced to the City Council today that aim to increase fairness in city parking regulations.

One bill would institute a pilot program requiring agents to photograph violations before issuing tickets.

Measures that aim to make parking easier include new parking placards that can be scanned to verify authenticity, one-day permits for residents who are moving and suspension of alternate-side regulations when film shoots tie up parking spots.

The other bills address drivers who have been ticketed. One would require judges to dismiss tickets if motorists can produce valid meter receipts, another would prohibit late fees on parking tickets until 30 days after a final judgment, and the seventh bill would let motorists who are challenging tickets online to swear in with an electronic signature.

Councilman Jimmy Vacca (D-13th District), who chairs the Transportation Committee, is pushing the bills.

A spokesperson in the mayor's office says that the Bloomberg administration is rejecting the City Council bills.