THE BRONX - A Bronx power-lifter wants to chisel the bodies of other residents in an effort to make the borough a healthier place.

Miller Seabrooks, 72, became a champion in the World Natural Power-Lifting Foundation in 2014. He mastered his age and weight class again last year with another world champion belt.

"When people look at a power-lifter, they think they're going to see this huge guy," he says. "But the strength is muscles, not the size."

Seabrooks is trying to use his expertise to make the Bronx healthier.

"Nobody wants to say they're fat," he says. "You tell a person they're fat and they get embarrassed. Even the people in your household. You tell them they're big, they get embarrassed. But there should be a conversation."

Seabrooks is becoming an ambassador for a new fitness studio opening on Bronxdale Avenue, called "Untamed - Bound by Iron."

The studio's founders say they plan on bringing multiple fitness programs to their studio, from crossfit to power-lifting.