NEW YORK - (AP) - Some Sept. 11 organizations and victims' familymembers are asking both supporters and opponents of an Islamiccultural center proposed near ground zero to stand against ralliesplanned for the anniversary of the attacks.

Letters to both groups were signed by representatives of theTribute WTC Visitor Center, the September 11th Families Associationand others.

They say that holding rallies on Sept. 11 would be"disrespectful" on a day that they see as outside of politics.

But the group, 9/11 Parents & Families of Firefighters & WTCVictims, is calling for the rally opposing the cultural center andmosque to go forward as a matter of free speech.

Two rallies are planned for the day: one against the center andone against anti-Islamic bigotry. Organizers of both say they willbe respectful.