THE BRONX - In honor of Food Allergy Awareness Week, one Bronx child shared his struggle of living with food allergies.

Michael Sosa, 9, says that he has allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, sesame and eggs. Sosa says that due to his allergies, he sometimes has to sit alone in the cafeteria at school because of what another student is eating.

Sosa's mother, Jacqueline Cruz, says that she hopes other parents will be mindful of the dangers of food allergies.

Allergists say that most allergies are discovered in childhood, but symptoms can develop in adults later in life.

Dr. Alyson Smith, an allergist at St. Barnabas Hospital, says that there are several things to be aware of when caring for someone with a food allergy. She says that avoiding the problematic food, reading labels and carrying an EpiPen in case of an emergency are very important.

Smith says that she encourages schools to have peanut-free classrooms or peanut-free schools so that children with food allergies can feel safe.