THE BRONX - A 22-year-old Olinville man called 911 Tuesday and told the operator that he shot a burglar in his home with the intruder's own gun, police say.

They say another 22-year-old man is in critical condition at Jacobi Medical Center after being shot inside the home at 633 East 220th St. around 12 p.m. Police say the man was shot in the left arm, torso and left posterior.

Police say the caller told 911 that someone had broken into his home, then said he grabbed the intruder's gun and shot him multiple times.

Police say one man is being questioned at the 47th Precinct, and a gun was recovered at the scene. They did not say if the man was facing any charges. 

Police have not yet confirmed the 911 caller's story, but they say they are also questioning another witness to try and determine the circumstances.

Police have also not yet released the 911 caller's name, but Denzel McFadzean tells News 12 that he has lived in the house with his 22-year-old son, Aaron McFadzean, for 16 years.

The younger McFadzean is a student at Bronx Community College set to graduate in June, his father says.

It’s unclear whether the two 22-year-olds knew one another.