THE BRONX - Community activists in the Bronx want to remove graffiti that they say encourages violence.

The mural is located on Marion Avenue between 187th and 188th streets.

"The face is not a friendly face, with a hoodie, holding a gun," says community activist Sydney Flores. "It's not what we should be teaching our children today. It's not right that gun violence is going on around here and that remains on the wall."

Bronx Community Solutions, an "Alternative to Incarceration" program, is partnering with police to get rid of the mural.

If landlord permissions are signed, participants in the program who were arrested for misdemeanors and violations will paint over the mural on Wednesday.

However, not everyone in the neighborhood thinks the graffiti's removal is a good idea.

"I like the mural," says resident Cookie Rodriguez. "I don't think it should be taken down because we don't know what it stands for, but I don't think it stands for violence."

The group also plans to paint over graffiti behind the Paradise Theater on the Grand Concourse, which it says features gang-related slogans.

The graffiti had already been painted over by community activists, but it reappeared a few days later.