THE BRONX - A new ad campaign is hoping to lower teen pregnancy rates.

The ads have been placed on bus stop and subways throughout New York City, but some say that spreading the message in the Bronx is especially important.

"The Bronx has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the city, so it's got local concern that we turn these numbers around in the right direction," says Marjorie Cadogan, from the city's Human Resources Administration, which created the ads.

Some residents say the ads, which feature a message indicating the thousands of dollars it costs to raise a child, are offensive.

"When I saw it, it just kind of struck me the wrong way," says Valerie Ruiz. "I'm not a teen parent, but I think the city is trying to parent teens and that's a job for their parents."

Other residents are saying the signs are a good way to shrink teen pregnancy.

The city's Human Resources Administration says it offers a variety of programs and classes to teen parents in need.