THE BRONX - Two Bronx transportation advocates are proposing a plan to revamp the Cross Bronx Expressway after an accident left a 21-year-old woman dead and her 20-year-old brother - a boxer - clinging for life.

Pedro Luis Sosa was driving his sister and friends when the accident occurred Sunday morning. His sister, Jennifer, was killed in the crash.

William Rivera and Luis Sulpeveda, of the Cross Bronx Initiative, say the roadway has outlived its usefulness and desperately needs an overhaul.

"I did some research and realized the Cross Bronx Expressway is the worst corridor in America. That's something The Bronx shouldn't be proud about and we're not doing nothing about it," Rivera says.

Their plan calls for federal funding to create bike lanes, open additional car lanes and maybe build an underground tunnel or an overpass for the George Washington Bridge.