THE BRONX - The Yankees organization is dragging its feet on distributing funds for taking public parkland, a nonprofit claims.

NYC Park Advocates says it discovered the team and local lawmakers have failed to give out $800,000 as required by an agreement. The city allowed the Yankees to use public land for the stadium and garages if the Yankees would give back to local nonprofits.

The Yankees and Bronx elected officials were supposed to form the Community Benefits Program, a nonprofit group to distribute the funds, once construction started. Although work began in August 2006, NYC Park Advocates claims it has been unable to find evidence that the group exists.

Stadium critics argue the lack of oversight could allow the money to be used for political favors rather than for benefiting the community.

The Yankees organization said it recently received a list of candidates from Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión Jr.'s office. The nominees will be appointed to the panel that distributes the money.