WILLIAMSBRIGE - Bronx Aerospace Academy students walked out of classes Thursday to protest what they see as unfair suspensions.

One student's jaw was broken in a fight earlier this year. According to students, the brawl started over a football that was accidentally thrown at a student. Rather than assign blame, the principal either suspended or expelled everyone involved and kicked them out of ROTC.

"Suspensions lead to dropouts and we're talking about children in the 10th, 11th grade," said a critic of the principal. "A serious disruption like this for 40, 45 school days can turn a child off to school entirely."

Protesters said the principal, Air Force Capt. Barbara Kirkweg, often has knee-jerk reactions to disturbances. They complain long suspensions are frequently imposed for minor infractions.

Kirkweg agreed to meet with parents after the protest. However, an insider said no resolution was reached. Talks will resume Monday.