THE BRONX - More and more Africans are calling the Bronx their home, the latest census numbers show.

The influx in Africans moving to the borough has made way for a number of specialty shops, including Moonlight African Market in Kingsbridge.

Customers there say owner Richard Duodu, who is from Ghana, and his traditional imported foods from Africa fill a niche in the community, and cater to the growing demand of a large African population.

In spite of his dream coming true, Duodu says some of the African residents get nervous about hate crimes. Fortunately the Bronx's African Adversity Council helps make sure the African residents have an easier transition to life in the area.

Experts estimate that about 200,000 Africans currently live in the Bronx, and some say they expect that number to go up 20 percent in the next 10 years.