LONGWOOD - A concerned Longwood resident, who has helped maintain Playground 52 for the past 30 years, says the city has failed his community.

Al Quinones, who grew up across the street from Playground 52, founded 52 People For Progress, a group that maintains the park as their unofficial project, back in 1980.

Quinones says Borough President Ruban Diaz Jr. has dragged his feet in regard to fixing closed basketball courts that contain sinkholes and cracks.

In a statement, Diaz's office said the borough gave $1 million to the park. City Councilwoman Maria Del Carmen Arroyo matched that amount and says that she has pledged another $750,000 for 2014.

The Parks Department told News 12 that its designers are currently working on schematics for a new skate park and reconstructed basketball court.

“They should've drawn a schematic of the whole park by now,” says Quinones.

He says that he has walked with city officials in the park on three separate occasions over the past three years with no results.

The Parks Department told News 12 that it will be holding a public forum for input on how the money should be spent in the next few weeks.

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