THE BRONX - One of the Army's 65th Infantry veterans who were honored last month at the nation’s capital is a Bronx resident.

Alberto Laureano, a 96-year-old veteran who served with the unit in two wars, was among those honored with a Congressional Gold Medal. 

The Borinqueneers, as the unit's members are called, were recognized at the White House on April 13 for their efforts in both World Wars and the Korean War.

The unit formed originally in 1920 as a group of Puerto Rican volunteers who faced discrimination when the Army was segregated.

"The legacy is that Hispanic children will say that we have a place at the table," says Jon Varela, the Borinqueneers’ regional director. "And that place at the table did not necessarily stem from the Congressional Gold Medal but rather the long and glorious history of Spanish contributions to the country."

The Congressional Gold Medal is one of the United States' highest military honors.