THE BRONX - Authorities have busted a drug ring that allegedly was using children's toys to bring cocaine into the borough.

Nine suspects were arrested in the five-month investigation by the Drug Enforcement Agency. In the sting, DEA agents uncovered four handguns, eight pounds of cocaine and more than $86,000 in cash.

The ring was based out of a home on 1314 Clay Ave., where alleged ring leader Jose David Diaz-Ortega resided.

The ring allegedly shipped cocaine from Puerto Rico to the Bronx by sending the toys through U.S. postal express mail.

Diaz-Ortega faces charges including criminal possession and sale of controlled substances, money laundering and criminal possession of a weapon.

Mark Marasi, 37, Cessa Eddy 22, Jackeline Viera, 28, Jesus Diaz, 36, Juan Carambot, 40, Julio Perez, 32, and 20-year-old Jose Weeks face charges as well.All nine suspects were arraigned Monday in the Bronx. They are due back in court Oct. 6.