NEW YORK - A new poll sponsored by amNewYork-News 12 shows that the majority of likely voters want the current head of the NYPD to keep his job.

According to the results, 45 percent of those surveyed want Commissioner Ray Kelly to stick around, which Republican candidate for mayor Joe Lhota says he'll make happen if elected.

Mayoral front runner Bill de Blasio has said he'll bring back former commissioner Bill Bratton to the post if he takes office, but the poll found that only 20 percent of likely voters support that move.

Another 24 percent of New Yorkers say they want to see someone completely new take the spot.

The poll also took a look at stop-and-frisk, which Kelly has been a strong supporter of. It found that most voters want to see the controversial police practice reformed, and 20 percent want it ended all together.

De Blasio is maintaining a strong lead over Lhota, according to the latest numbers from the same poll. He has 65 percent of support citywide, while Lhota is trailing with 23 percent.