THE BRONX - An animal expert is giving tips on what to do if a coyote is encountered after recent coyote sightings in the tri-state area.

A man in New Jersey was bitten by a coyote that had rabies a few weeks ago. On Monday, another coyote was on the loose, again in New Jersey.

Co-op City resident Silvia Ruiz says she saw a coyote in the backyard of her home on Monday.

While coyotes may be a rare sight in the Bronx, the Gotham Coyote Project set up a camera in Van Cortlandt Park in an effort to get photographic proof of their visits to the borough.

Chris Nagy, of Mianus River Gorge, says that coyotes come to the Bronx from upstate, and have been seen in areas such as Pelham Bay Park.

If a coyote is encountered, Nagy says the first step is to remain calm. The second step is to make a loud noise, which usually scares the animal away. He also suggests to never leave food or garbage outside of a home because it attracts coyotes.

According to Nagy, the odds of being attacked by a coyote are slim. He has been working in Van Cortlandt Park since 2001 and says that he has only ever seen one. He estimates that there are about 20 coyotes in the entire borough.

In record keeping going back about 70 years, there have been only two coyote-related fatalities.