THE BRONX - A local artist has created her own version of an iconic painting to illustrate the segregation issues that still affect our country today.

Artist Sharon De la Cruz has created a mural on the busy foot bridge off the Bruckner Expressway. Her work, called Ruby Walks, is based off of 6-year-old Ruby Bridges, who was the first black student to integrate a white school during segregation in the 1960s.

The mural is based off of Norman Rockwell's famous painting, which depicts the little girl walking to school, holding a book surrounded by federal marshals.

De la Cruz says her mural is different from the 1964 painting. In her mural, Bridges walks alone. However, De le Cruz says the message remains the same: the struggle for equality.

De La Cruz hopes when people pass by, they are inspired by the mural, and take some time to reflect how far this country has come in race relations and how much works still needs to be done.