THROGS NECK - A local artist is teaching students in Throgs Neck how art can help save the planet, and help express themselves at the same time.

Pop artist Michael Albert has been teaching his message of sustainability to students at  St. Joseph's School for the Deaf. He is teaching them how to use their work to share messages that are meaningful to them, a lesson that school staff says is critical for their students.

"Using found objects to make art has been something that's been happening for over 100 years now," said Albert.

Albert spends a large portion of his time teaching students how to master his technique and in the process promotes awareness about issues like pollution and wastefulness. His mosaic pieces also incorporate various themes including history, religion, literature and music.

Albert is also the author of an art book called "An Artists America" and is the founder of “Sir-Real”, a brand of organic juices that feature his work.