THE BRONX - A group of ambitious children was rewarded for completing a summer reading challenge.

Children who completed Assemblywoman Latoya Joyner's "Summer Reading Challenge" were rewarded Tuesday with an "Excellence in Reading" certificate.

The challenge called for kids to read every day for 40 days.

The challenge specifically targeted children in shelters, providing them the books they normally wouldn't have access to with the hopes that they form good reading habits.

"We know that reading is very fundamental and it helps develop critical skills in terms of analytical thinking and expressing yourself, so it's very important to engage the parents and the children in this fun activity where they can bond together during the summer so they're up to par when they go back to school in the fall," said Joyner.

The certificate was presented as part of the "Read to Succeed Garden Party," which also included face painting, a magic show and other activities.