THROGS NECK - The city overpaid almost $6 million to turn a Throgs Neck landfill into a golf course, but the job was never completed, according to a report.

City Comptroller William Thompson Jr.'s office recently released an audit of the Department of Parks and Recreation's Ferry Point Park project. Thompson found the department wasted millions in its dealings with Ferry Point Partners, which was supposed to build the golf course.

The developer was supposed to clear the land. The company also undertook the job of clearing toxic levels of methane gas that were found in the area in 1999.

In the report, the comptroller recommends the department ensure city funding is only used for authorized purposes. He also wants the agency to better track the progress of its projects.

The Parks Department, which denounces the report, says the price ballooned because of the methane gas and other toxins found at the site. However, the department terminated its contract with Ferry Point Partners in November 2006.

The golf course was supposed to have opened in 2001.