HUNTS POINT - Narcotics prosecutors say factors such as major highways and access to warehouses have conspired to turn the Bronx into a haven for drug smugglers.

Prosecutors say 1,600 pounds of cocaine have been seized in the Bronx in the past 18 months. They also say that the cocaine is being tightly and carefully packed deep within the perimeter of tractor-trailers.

Bridget Brennan, a special narcotics prosecutor in New York City, says last week, video investigators took of a drug search inside a tractor-trailer was made possible by ?good intelligence.?

Investigators say it was so difficult to find the drugs hidden in the truck that it took them 10 hours ? and only after the Department of Homeland Security loaned them an X-ray device.

Their doggedness proved to be worth it when 400 pounds of cocaine were seized.

The four men arrested in last week?s drug sting were indicted Friday. If convicted, they could face up to 20 years in prison.