THE BRONX - An autistic boy and his mother say they are in need of help after being forced to give up their home due to city budget cuts.

Jamie Reyes was originally left homeless because she had to take time off from work, and ended up losing her job to care for her sons, one of whom is autistic. The family was placed in the city's shelter system, then transitioned into its current home through the Children's Advantage Program for kids with disabilities.

Reyes is prepared to head back to the streets, however, after learning that the city cut the program's funding. The city notified more than 15,000 formerly homeless people that they will not be getting help with rent.

She received a letter from the city stating that as of April 1, she will be on her own to pay the rent.

Officials with homeless services said last year they placed 84 percent of families in shelters from the same boroughs as the youngest child's school. They said Reyes is welcome to make that request.