THE BRONX - Autopsy and ballistics reports show a Bronx man was killed by a NYPD officer?s bullet during a shootout at a weekend block party.

Medical examiner spokeswoman Ellen Borakove says 21-year-old Luis Soto was hit five times. A single bullet was recovered from Soto's body and police say the bullet was consistent with those from the officers' guns.

The violence erupted at around 3 a.m. Sunday, during a block party in Harlem. Investigators say they believe Soto was arguing with an acquaintance, Angel Alverez, when one of the men pulled out a gun.

Officials say five police officers raced to the chaotic scene and fired 46 rounds. In the end, two officers were shot, Alverez had been struck multiple times, and Soto died from a chest wound.

Originally, investigators had said they believed it was Alverez who fired a .38 caliber weapon, but now they say they believe it was Soto.

Soto?s family members claim he never carried a gun. They say they intend to file a lawsuit against the police department.

The NYPD says it is launching an internal investigation into the case.

AP wire services contributed to this report

Bronx man shot and killed in Harlem