THE BRONX - A pregnant Bronx woman and her 8-month-old baby were released from the hospital Friday, after a bathroom ceiling collapsed on them.

The incident happened at about 2:30 p.m. in a second-floor apartment at 345 E. 209th St. Police say Ebony Walton was giving her son, Brennan, a bath in a sink basin when the ceiling came crashing down.

Her cousin, Donnell Walker, says he was watching TV when he heard a large "boom" and ran into the bathroom to find Walton and the baby on the floor, covered with debris.

?I looked up, and I [saw] a big hole in the ceiling and a lot of debris around the sink and the tub,? Walker says.

The 2 feet by 2 feet chunk of plaster ceiling left Walton semiconscious and the baby with a large bump on his head.

According to Walton?s boyfriend, who rents the apartment, the landlord of the building faces many safety violations, including one from June over neglected repairs to bathroom ceilings in the complex.

The manager of the building, however, claims that Walton?s boyfriend is behind in rent and will not allow workers into the apartment. The boyfriend denies the allegations.

In the meantime, the manager promised to make quick repairs to Walton?s apartment.