WHITE PLAINS - A federal judge in White Plains denied bail yesterday for three of the four suspected terrorists from Newburgh.

Judge Colleen McMahon ruled that 44-year-old James Cromitie, 32-year-old Onta Williams, 28-year-old David Williams and 27-year-old Laguerre Payen will remain in custody.

The accused suspects, known as the "Newburgh Four," have been behind bars for 13 months after they allegedly plotted to bomb synagogues in the Bronx and shoot down military planes at Stewart Air Base in Orange County.

They have pleaded not guilty to terrorism charges. They claim they were entrapped by an FBI informant.

Payen is from Haiti and not eligible to be released. Defense attorneys argued the others were not flight risks or dangerous.

McMahon didn't say in her written statement when the trial would resume. She is expected to get in touch with the attorneys next week to determine a date.