THE BRONX - A baseball camp in the Bronx says the old adage "dog days of summer" has taken on a new significance.

Members of the camp in Setton Fields say dog owners have allowed their canines to run rampant on the field and interfere with games. One coach says the kids have had to worry about more than stepping on just bases.

"A kid two weeks ago lied down to do stretches, and he lied down on a pile of dog poop," says Mark Sherman, a coach at the camp.

One of the baseball players was concerned about the dogs' safety. "If they run onto the field, they could get hurt badly," says Daniel Broadie.

Park rules stipulate that dogs can run inside of a dedicated area without a leash, but must be restrained once they venture beyond there. And owners are expected to clean up after them at all times.

The Department of Parks & Recreation says it plans to increase patrols around the field.