(07/30/07) THE BRONX ? A resident living in one of the city?s homeless shelters claims bed bugs have terrorized his daughter to the point where she?s afraid to go to sleep.

Dixon Lugo says his daughter?s legs are covered in dried blood and scabs as a result of the bed bug bites. He claims his 4-year-old daughter, Lydia, has trouble walking and is afraid to go to bed.

Lugo says he complained to the director, and an exterminator was dispatched to the department. However, Lugo says the problem persists.

According to Lugo, new mattresses didn?t solve the problem. Other residents claim bugs and roaches are everywhere in the facility.

Lugo says the entire situation has him at the end of his rope.

?I just want out of that apartment,? Lugo said.

When News 12 the Bronx called the Department of Homeless Services, representatives said they were planning on moving the family to a new home.

Doctors say Lydia?s condition will heal.