THE BRONX - The Bronx bedbug population has been on the rise in recent years, but they appear to be making their way to the subways too.

At a recent Housing Preservation and Development meeting, a staffer said he spotted the blood-sucking critters at the Fordham Road subway station. And Fordham's not the only place. He said he saw bedbugs at several other subway stations citywide.

The city bedbug expert also reported seeing the critters on wood benches. Experts say they tend to cling to wood and fiber, but can hop a ride on clothing.

They believe the influx is due in part to the practice of reconditioning mattresses. During reconditioning, mattresses are dry-cleaned and resold.

Transit officials plan to investigate the claims, but add that there's no concrete proof that bedbugs are invading the subways.

NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene