THE BRONX - Bowties that are made locally in the Bronx are catching the eyes of shoppers all around the world.

Robin Williams, the owner of Bowtie Behavior, creates and designs unique bowties out of a shop in her Edenwald apartment, 

Williams' love of bowties began a couple years ago after she attended a bridal shower that had a bowtie theme.

"I was looking for a bowtie that both fit my style and was affordable and I couldn't find one that fit, so I decided to make my own and everyone loved it. And so I just ran with it," says Williams.

Since starting her business, she has received orders from Hawaii, Canada and even Australia.

Williams credits a lot of her recent success to an advertisement that she is featured in for the website creator

"They just picked about six of us to use in their national commercial," says Williams. "It's really helped with advertising and sales."

With no storefront, she relies on social media and her website. She is also in the process of getting into boutiques, with hopes that her business will continue to grow.

"It's a sense of pride, especially the fact that I do everything myself and basically self-taught, so it just reassures me that I am making progress and I have a really good product," says Williams.